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Alignment Nashville 16-24 Year Old, Out Of School, Out Of Work Alignment Team
Community-Based Re-Engagement Coaching: Tactic I of 3


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A-Team Vision: Address the estimated 10,000 young adult ages 16-24 year olds who have left secondary education without a diploma and are not employed through a Reengagement Coaching program. The goal of the program is to mentor coach these young adults to motivate their reengagement in education and/or career efforts that will support their future self-sufficiency.


The Need: There are approximately 10,000 young adults between the ages of 16-24 without a high school diploma in Nashville according to the 2010 U.S. census and the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce's Community Needs Assessment for Adult Literacy. Alignment Nashville's 16-24 Out of School, Out of Work A-Team members share the belief that without a strategic, sustainable, community-wide effort to re-engage these young people, they will not make the transition to productive, self-sufficient adults.


Impact of Not Addressing the Need: Poverty and dropouts are inextricably connected in the three primary settings affecting healthy child and adolescent development: families, schools and communities.
Dropouts face extremely bleak economic and social prospects. Compared to high school graduates, dropouts are more likely to (Rumberger, 2011):

  • Be unable to find a job and earn a living wage
  • Live in poverty
  • Suffer from a variety of adverse health outcomes 
  • Rely on public assistance 
  • Engage in crime

The latest report from the National League of Cities estimates that on average, and compared to other youth, each unemployed dropout is an immediate taxpayer burden of $13,900 per year and immediate social burden of $37,450 per year (in 2011 dollars). What does that mean to Nashville? The city will continue to experience a shortfall of millions of dollars that could fund taxpayer services and municipal growth, which instead are redirected to sustain these 10,000 non-diploma-ed and unemployed young adults.



The Alignment Nashville (AN) 16-24 Out of School, Out of Work A-Team is developing a community-based coaching model for re-engagement. This is a ground-breaking strategy using a targeted method of re-engagement mentor coaching that will include individualized goal planning and resource toolkits to promote ties between service providers and clients. A-Team members come from a variety of education and career focused agencies across Davidson County. It is their desire that this project will strengthen interagency collaboration to produce change in the lives of the 16-24-year-olds and the community. There are 3 main tactics involved with this key strategy.

Tactic I: Develop a Resource / Tool Kit that identifies community agencies that can respond to the barriers and needs identified by the target population in a recently completed survey (Addressed in thisITP)

Tactic II: Develop a Train-the-Trainer community-based coaching model (Addressed in future ITPs)

Tactic III: Engage community organizations (business, government and non-profit, etc) to sponsor existing staff members for training in Community-Based Re-Engagement Coaching
The Committee focus is broad in order to encompass the full spectrum of 
re-engagement – including English language acquisition, literacy, Adult Basic Education, secondary credential, and post-secondary education and employment – to better serve the 16-24 population. (Addressed in future ITPs)

Target Population: Young adults between the ages of 16-24 who are out of school (without a high school diploma) and out of work.


Tactic I: Develop a Resource / Toolkit identifying community agencies that respond to the barriers and needs identified in a recently completed survey by the target population. (See Services Needed from the Community)


  • Develop a targeted Resource Guide listing community providers of Education, Health, and Social Services relevant to the barriers and needs of the target population

INTERMEDIATE OUTCOMES (Addressed in Tactics II and III)

  • Incorporate this Guide into the training program for Community-based Reengagement Coaches
  • When used in training, the guide will increase by 30% Coaches' knowledge of community resources for this target group
  • Reengagement coaches will increase their contact with agencies previously unknown by an average of 20% to serve coaching clients
  • Reengagement coaches will increase by an average of 10% their personal inter-agency working relationships as a result of using the Guide during client coaching

LONG-TERM OUTCOMES (Addressed in Tactic III)

·  College Readiness (Post-Secondary)

·  Career Readiness

·  Graduation Rate

·  Community Prosperity


Resources and programs available to young adults ages 16-24, especially in areas of greatest need as identified by the target group in the 16-24 survey. These resources would be included in the Community-Based Re-Engagement Coaching Resource Guide and Toolkit. This comprehensive toolkit will be a reference guide to complement and support Re-Engagement Coach training and on-site use as a resource when developing career and/or education plans with the young adult. Samples of the resources identified through the survey include, but are not limited to:

Career Planning Resources

  • Part Time Work Options

  • Employment Opportunity for those with High School Equivalent Diploma

  • Job Skills

  • Internships

Child Care Resources

  • Accessible Child Care

  • Childcare – Department of Human Services

  • Custody

  • Parenting

Counseling Resources

  • Counseling

  • Therapy

  • High School Mentors

Housing Resources

  • Housing Assistance

  • Homeless/Living Condition

  • MDHA – Private, Section 8, Urban Housing

  • Homeless Resources

Transportation Resources

  • MTA – Rates, Routes, Schedules

  • Programs that Offer Transportation

  • Other options

Social Services Resources

  • Navigating Department of Children Services

Refugee and Immigrant Support Services

  • ELL

  • Recertification and Degree for EL

  • Citizenship

Financial Resources

  • Financial Coaching/Empowerment

  • Banking Basics

  • Credit Counseling

Food Resources

  • Food Assistance

  • Food Banks

  • Nutrition

Health Resource

  • Medical

  • Dental

  • Mental


  • Preparation for high school equivalency diploma

  • Post-secondary pathways

  • Basic literacy

  • English (ELL)

  • Adult Basic Education

  • Vocational

  • Online

  • Work readiness

Disability Resources

  • Learning Disabilities & Testing

  • ADD & ADHD

  • Vision

  • Hearing

  • Access

Tools for Success

  • Time Management

  • Studying/Prioritizing


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