10:05 AM - 11:10 AM Room 312

  1. Contraception Show and Tell - Teaching caring adults all they need to know about birth control options for teens, Presented by: Kristen Rager, MD, MPH

Description: The goal of this workshop is to educate caring adults on the ins and outs of all the birth control methods that are currently available to adolescents.  We will discuss risks, benefits, efficacy rates, and correct use and will have examples to see! 

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11:15 AM - 12:20 PM Room 354

  1. Rethinking Abstinence: Teaching Teens Sexual Responsibility in a Non-Shaming Light , Presented by: Haley Stocker and Amber Jackson

Description: This session will explore abstinence-based education. This includes Tennessee state law on family life education, teaching abstinence in the classroom versus community-based settings, and what to look for in abstinence curriculum.

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