PRESENTERS: Upload your workshop materials here.

1. Click in the upper right hand corner of this page and login using the account you created when you first submitted your workshop proposal.

2. Click the  dropdown. Select Basic Document. (Or, select Multiple Documents if you are uploading more than one document.)

3. Click to select a document from your hard drive or desktop. Enter a title and click .

4. Click the  dropdown, and select Subfolder. Name the folder with your workshop title. Click Save.

5. Click and drag your uploaded document(s) into the subfolder you just created.

ATTENDEES: Download materials from any workshop here.

1. Use the search box to look for a specific document, or click the workshop folder from which you'd like to download materials.

2. Once inside the folder, click the down arrow next to the document to download the document to your computer.






Right Track Magazine

Right Track Magazine

Miniature Uploaded by Regina Gleason, 19/06/14 10:41 Right Track magazine, information for middle and high school parents.
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Right Track magazine, information for middle and high school parents.
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