We needed your help and you answered our call!  On March 29-30, 2007 we conducted a 2-day Rapid Design session to help us take the next step in making Middle Tennessee the healthiest region for our children and youth.  During the event, we collaborated with representatives from nearly 50 other Nashville area organization to determine the true growing and emerging needs of Middle Tennessee's children and youth.  We also developed strategies and tactics to fulfill these needs.

It was a long two days, but a HUGE success.  Here you will find resources that show just how beneficial a little hard work and collaboration can be for our community.  We have taken all of your insightful feedback form the event and rolled it into one great resources for you and your organization – so please share.  From here you can view all goals, needs, strategies, tradeshows, and enjoy some great candid shots from the event. 


What it means... Infants are born full term at a healthy birth weight to loving, capable parents ready to breast feed.  They have a better chance of reaching preschool and kindergarten ready to learn.  They also have a better chance of being in good health for life. 

What it means…Collecting accurate data on immunizations from community providers is important ti know which children have been immunized.  There are a growing number of foreign born children with language and cultural norms that do not support immunizations/prevention. Anti-vaccine advocates, crowded immunization schedule, and multiple combination vaccines on the market are some of the contributing factors. 

What it means…Increase physical activity of all children in and out of schools.  Provide nutritious food options and nutrition education for all children.  Provide coordinated school health education.  Improve the health status and practice of school faculty and staff.

What it means…All Nashville/Davidson County middle & high school students have information about healthy lifestyle practices.  All Nashville/Davidson County middle & high school students use that information to practice healthy lifestyle behaviors as appropriate for their developmental levels.  All Nashville/Davidson County teens have an equal opportunity to experience optimal health and wellness and develop positive health behaviors.

What it means...Children and youth are reaching their optimal level of physical health.  Illness or health conditions are dealt with immediately to assure minimal long-range impact.  Children receive services for special medial and oral health  needs as soon as possible and on as regular a basis as needed. Each receive regular preventative care (med/oral) and counseling, assuring physical progress and identify problems needing referral. 

What it means…Primary focus is to promote awareness and a full range of mental health and substance abuse services along the continuum of care.  Community awareness and decreasing the stigma as well as increasing early identification of student issues and access to behavioral health services.  

PDF version of Alignment Nashville's roadmap