Thank you for your interest in working with Metro Nashville Public Schools and Alignment Nashville! 

The registration process is designed to make it easier for both schools and community partners to share information about services available in the community. 


Benefits to Participating Organizations

Participation in the Alignment Nashville Collaborative Process for Community Engagement provides organizations with the following benefits:

  • Improvements in outcomes for all Nashville children, particularly those who need additional support to realize their potential.
  • Opportunities to contribute in areas in which you have specific skills and capacities.
  • Opportunities for collaboration and for building individual agency capacity.
  • Data and measurable results to support outcome reporting to funding agencies.
  • The opportunity to be a partner with a city-wide initiative to redesign, elevate, and increase the effectiveness of the delivery of services to Nashville's school children.
  • The ability to work directly with Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS), and to establish a strong relationship with key administrators and teachers.
  • The opportunity to receive matching funds through grant requests by AN to foundations and other sources of support.
  • Your organization's contribution of resources to the work of AN will enhance your potential to be a recipient of related funding.


All organizations that currently or wish to have staff providing services in MNPS must register through Alignment Nashville, as well as have the approval of the principal. (MNPS policy, IM 4.105) 


Frequently Asked Questions: 

What types of organizations should register with Alignment Nashville? 

All organizations that currently or wish to provide services in MNPS schools should complete the registration process. This includes non-profits, businesses, faith communities, government agencies, etc. 

What is the benefit of registering with Alignment Nashville? 

First, completing the registration process ensures you are compliant with MNPS policy. But just as importantly, completing the registration process makes it easier for school personnel across the district to access information about your services and resources. 

Who has access to the information I provide during the registration process? 

The registration list is available to all MNPS personnel, as well as Alignment Nashville staff and team members. 

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please contact Lwam Tecleab

Organization Registration Request Form Organization Registration Request Form

Thank you for submitting your organization registration request. 

After your request has been processed (24-48 hours), you will receive an email from Alignment staff with instructions for completing your organization profile and the next steps for working with AN.