High School Alignment Team

Academies of Nashville

All students need to be prepared for success in college and career. 


High school education in Nashville has changed. The Metro Nashville Public School District has transformed the high school experience to provide students more of the advanced skills they need to be successful, productive citizens in college, career, and life through the Academies of Nashville. 

The Academies of Nashville allow students to choose a thematic course of study, such as engineering, health care, or International Baccalaureate, and learn in a relevant, hands-on environment with real-world application. Our students learn math, science, English, and social studies in the context of their Academy theme.  

So, how are the Academies of Nashville different from traditional high schools?

  • Academies offer the small, personalized environment of a small school.
  • Academies offer applied learning opportunities of themed magnet schools.
  • Academies partner with businesses to solve real-world problems for authentic learning.
  • Academies focus on the 21st Century Skills students need to succeed in college and life.
  • Academies provide a culture of teamwork, critical thinking, communications, collaboration, and creativity.
  • Academies provide rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum.
  • Academies prepare students for college and career.


The High School Alignment Team (A-Team) led a community-wide planning process for Academies of Nashville, beginning in 2006, which led to a $6.65 million grant from the US Department of Education to begin implementation of the Academies. Since 2006, the High School A-Team has continued to engage community partners and provide oversight for the Academies of Nashville in the following ways:

  • Developed the initial structure and process to engage business and community partners as Academy Partners; using the Invitation to Participate ™ (ITP) process, the A-Team identified the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and PENCIL Foundation as partners to pilot and eventually institutionalize that structure and process.
  • Serve as the Community Coordination Committee for Ford Next Generation Learning in Nashville
  • Annual monitoring and reporting on the five-year Master Plan in partnership with Ford Next Generation Learning
  • Identify supportive structures and initiatives to bolster student success in the Academies of Nashville



 Increase High School Graduation Rates

 Increase College Readiness

 Increase Career Readiness

Without a doubt, the Academies of Nashville have played a significant role in improving outcomes for Nashville’s high school students. 




Aimee Wyatt, Chair, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Cheryl Mayes, Vice Chair, Nissan North America

Samantha Andrews, Frist Center for Visual Arts

Lisa Bonelli, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Sonya Brooks, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Elise Burns, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Allison Cantway, Nashville International Center for Empowerment

Nicole Cobb, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Chae Denning, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Thom Druffel, Holiday Inn at Vanderbilt

Tiffany Farmer, Adventure Science Center

Beverley Flatt, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Lee Gray, Oasis College Connection

Kay Higgs, STARS Nashville

Susan Kessler, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Kyla Krengel, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Bob Kucher, PENCIL Foundation

DeeGee Lester, The Parthenon

Sonya Mansfield, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Lonnell Matthews, YMCA of Middle Tennessee

Chaney Mosley, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Susan Murphy, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Kelly Noser, Noser Consulting and Evaluation

Caitlin Nossett, HCA Foundation

Meghan Oliver, Nashville State Community College

Jill Petty, Metro Nashville Public Schools            

Matt Seaton, PENCIL Foundation

Jason Seay, Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation

Stephen Sheaffer, Metro Nashville Public Schools

James Snider, Tennessee Student Assistance Corp.

Jay Steele, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Jason Strandquist, Hands On Nashville

Ellen Zinkiewicz, Nashville Career Advancement Center


For more information, contact Melissa Jaggers, Associate Executive Director.