Thank you for your interest in supporting Community Achieves! 

2015-16 Participating Schools

  • Antioch High

  • Bailey Middle Prep

  • Bordeaux Early Learning Cetner

  • Buena Vista Elementary

  • Cole Elementary
  • Dupont Hadley Middle Prep
  • Fall-Hamilton Elementary
  • Glencliff High

    GraMar Middle Prep

    Hunters Lane High

    IT Creswell Arts Magnet Middle Prep

  • Inglewood Elementary School

  • Jere Baxter Middle School

  • Maplewood High

  • Margaret Allen Middle Prep

  • McKissack Middle Prep

    Napier Elementary 

  • Park Avenue Elementary

  • Pearl Cohn High

  • Tusculum Elementary

    Whitsitt Elementary

  • What is Community Achieves?


    Community Achieves is a district-led initiative that supports the development of full-service community schools through infrastructure and technical assistance within a collective impact framework.

    MNPS recognizes that our schools are an integral part of the community.  Reinforcing the link between parents, the community and schools will foster student success. Through Community Achieves, nineteen of our schools will become Community Schools - offering needed resources and support for parents, students, and the community. Each school will assess its needs and work with partners to offer programs focused on four key areas: College and Career ReadinessFamily EngagementHealth and Wellness, and Social Services.

    Examples of resources that will be available are Family Resource Centers, health clinics, after-school programs, recreation, and classes for adults. Learn more about the community school model.




    The mission of Community Achieves is to design full-service community schools through a framework that strategically aligns resources to foster student success. The results focused partnership between parents, the community, and schools will personalize learning for students and lead to stronger families and healthier communities.


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    Why Community Achieves?

    Research has shown that high performing community schools:

    • Improve Student Achievement,
    • Reduce Mobility,
    • Foster stronger relationships,
    • Improve family stability,
    • Increase teacher satisfaction,
    • Create a more positive school environment, and
    • Boost Community Pride.


    Community Achieves will align the assets of students, families, teachers, and the community around a common goal—improving the success of our young people.



    Community Achieves Team and Oversight Committee

    Alison McArthur, Program Coordinato
    Kelly Noser, External Evaluator 
    Robin Trollinger, Senior Secretary

    Eric Dewey, United Way
    Paul Haynes, NCAC
    Melissa Jaggers, Alignment Nashville
    Tony Majors, MNPS
    Candy Markman, Nashville Public Libraries - NAZA 

    Erica Mitchell, United Way 

    Dr. Bill Paul, Metro Health Department

    Renee Pratt, Metro Social Services
    Gini Pupo-Walker, MNPS
    Sydney Rogers, Alignment Nashville 
    Ralph Schulz, Chamber of Commerce 
    Renata Soto, Conexión Américas 
    Brian Williams, Hands on Nashville
    Connie Williams, PENCIL Foundation